There are plenty of news sources out there. Do we need them all? I don’t know. These are the news websites I frequent. You may prefer others.

ABC News
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s official news portal.
The newspaper serving Melbourne and Victoria on its own Website.
News Corp.
News Corp.’s Australian Website. Mr. Murdoch has landed himself in a few pickles overseas but he is still a publisher here.
Nine MSN – 9 News
The news portal for the official news branch of Mi9, Microsoft’s joint venture with Nine Entertainment.
Radio Australia
The radio arm of the ABC has its own powerful news Web portal.
Sky New Australia
One of the Commonwealth’s most well-respected names in news operates in Australia, too.
Sydney Morning Herald
Sydney’s premier news publication is well-known around the world and is often cited by foreign papers.
The Australian
The Website for the only national broadsheet newspaper in all of Australia.
The Telegraph
The (Daily) Telegraph publishes in the Sydney area but is one of Australia’s premier newspapers.

The Websites listed on this page may not be appropriate for all ages. You visit them at your own risk. The links I share here are links I prefer for myself. These listings are not endorsements.

Please do not ask me to update your listing or to remove it. These are my bookmarks and I intend to leave them as they are. Thank you for respecting my personal choices.