In my work I have to advise people on where to host their Websites. Sometimes I find a good Webhost and think, “I ought to mark that” but then I forget. I figure if I promise to list them here I may remember to do so more often.

This is the leading Australian blogger platform. I almost went with on of their sites. I may still try them out.
They offer domain registration and paid hosting services. They also have a plan for free hosting with subdomains.
This is the service I use. They provide you with a free WordPress blog and your own subdomain. Seems a pretty good service.
The XALQ Net
You can register free subdomains here. They will let you set up blogs.
These blokes have Websites from all over the world. They seem affordable and may actually be a pretty good deal.

The Websites listed on this page may not be appropriate for all ages. You visit them at your own risk. The links I share here are links I prefer for myself. These listings are not endorsements.

Please do not ask me to update your listing or to remove it. These are my bookmarks and I intend to leave them as they are. Thank you for respecting my personal choices.