Here are a few Web directories I have found that I use on occasion. You may have your own favorite Web directories.

Australian Government Directory
This is the government’s own authorized index of all its Websites. It should be pretty complete.
Australian Government & Business
This is the Australian Government and Business directory of choice for most blokes. Hundreds of thousands of listings.
The Brand Man Project IV
A highly specialized Website case study project that examines the structure and design of various sites, including some Australian sites.
Australia’s leading Web directory with thousands of listings from all across the Down Under.
This may be Australia’s largest Web directory as it now has millions of listings.
Portulent Web Directory
A small directory with a focus on promoting relatively unknown but useful Websites.
SF (SciFi) Resources Directory
This is a Yahoo! Groups directory (amateur) that carries mostly science fiction listings. Very cool stuff.
Squeaky Web Directory
A small collection of blog headlines and article summaries on a variety of different subjects.
Whimsicalness Web Directory
Whimsicalness is a small, fanciful directory filled with many interesting listings.
Zee Fans Link Directory
Small amateur link directory covering entertainment and business categories.

The Websites listed on this page may not be appropriate for all ages. You visit them at your own risk. The links I share here are links I prefer for myself. These listings are not endorsements.

Please do not ask me to update your listing or to remove it. These are my bookmarks and I intend to leave them as they are. Thank you for respecting my personal choices.